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We’re what happens when a creative hotshop meets a global network. The result is the best of both worlds – entrepreneurial flair and can-do attitude backed by the thought-leading excellence and might of JWT. Brands thrive here because we give each one a powerful idea that works whatever the channel. Browse through our work. It speaks for itself.

Paused video games come to life with Taste Inc.

We created a new ad campaign for microwaveable sandwich and burger brand, Taste Inc.  The 3 executions present an amusing take on what might happen to characters in a video game once the gamer hits the pause button and goes off to microwave a Taste Inc. burger.

Two comedy actors provide the voices for the characters and really bring the campaign to life. The Youtube videos we have created have racked up over 1.6 million views on the Taste Inc. Youtube account through direct targeting ads.



Magnet’s 2014 Beauty Built In Campaign

After launching the hugely successful ‘What Happens in Your Kitchen’ campaign in 2005, and developing it for 7 years, CBJWT were briefed to evolve the Magnet brand idea to incorporate the belief that the quality on the inside of a kitchen is just as important as its visual style.

Now in its second year, the ‘Find Beauty Built In’ campaign encourages customers to look deeper and ask whether the kitchen they’re buying is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside.

Totally Beachin’ TV Campaign for On The Beach


On The Beach, the online travel agency, has appointed Cheethambell JWT to make its first ever TV advertising campaign. The ad will be aired on ITV and Channel 4 during 2014. On The Beach has already successfully established a large online presence, in the 10 years they have been online, but this is the first time that they have used TV advertising.

Due to the fact that On The Beach only do great beach holidays, we created an entirely new word to capture this sense of beach holiday excitement and enthusiasm – Beachin’! The advert follows a very smooth and cool – ‘totally beachin’ guy’ as he talks about the On The Beach holiday and booking experience. We were able to develop a unique word that offers On The Beach a quick and easy way to talk about beach holidays and everything that they and holidaymakers love about them.


Smartphone App Competition is a winner for Pricerunner


Shopping comparison site, Pricerunner, wanted to increase audience participation on both its Facebook and Twitter pages. So we devised a competition to give away an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 which helped them do just that. We created a custom app which asked users to choose between the phones. To encourage extra rivalry, we created a score sheet on the final page of the app that pulled in the latest tweets to show which phone was winning. All those taking part were entered into a sweepstake to win the selected phone. Over 5500 people entered by Twitter and 8700 by Facebook – a winner all round!


Our first TV campaign for Britain’s largest online-only bathroom retailer, Victoria Plumb, has just won ‘Campaign of the Week’ in Retail Week.
We pull the plug on bathroom salesmen in our TV ad, which shows the futility of visiting expensive showrooms when you can buy top quality bathroom suites online at great prices. A woman unexpectedly finds herself in her bath with a showroom salesman to illustrate that you have to pay extra when you shop on the high street.
The Victoria Plumb campaign has been delivering great results which just goes to prove that the simplest ideas are the best.



Microwave meals brand Taste Inc has appointed CBJWT to handle brand strategy, advertising, social media and SEO work.
The brand has briefed us to help it to promote its range of 12 products – including burgers, sandwiches, baguettes and ciabattas. We created their first marketing campaign which encourages their consumers to ‘Do something good in 90 seconds’. A series of Youtube films shows the fun you can have while you wait for your tasty Taste Inc meal to heat up. We’ve underpinned the strategy with the strapline ‘Good Food Fast.’



In our first commercial for Britain’s largest online-only bathroom retailer, Victoria Plumb, we show the futility of visiting expensive showrooms when you can buy top quality bathroom suites online at great prices. A woman finds herself in her bath with a salesman to illustrate that you have to pay extra when you shop on the high street. With Victoria Plumb, you cut out the middleman. In the commercial the salesman then disappears, leaving the woman to relax knowing that she’s bought a quality bathroom at a great price.

First TV campaign for Brecon Carreg in over 10 years

We’ve created Brecon Carreg’s first TV commercial in over 10 years and it’s running throughout June and July. The 20 second commercial uses an interesting blend of illustration with live action to tell the story of what makes Brecon Carreg’s pure and natural mineral water so unique.

Richard Swarbrick’s distinctive style results in a beautiful piece of animation that retains a true to life feel and tells the story of the small and local nature of the company that bottles this water. The new strapline,‘From the heart of Wales’, sums up the wholesome nature of the company and the care and attention that the small Brecon Carreg team give to their natural mineral water.

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Our John West campaign proved that sustainability can be a force for growth not a cost on the balance sheet

In 2011, John West were locked into a low-price, high-volume model of behaviour, battling it out with Princes and Own Label.

People didn’t care about the quality of the fish in the can, just the price.

As a result, volume sales were down and margins were being squeezed.

CBJWT were brave enough to break the model.

We gave consumers something else to care about other than price and concentrated on the stories behind the food.

While other brands were talking about taste and price, we talked about responsible sourcing.

In a world first, we created the Can Tracker, in which people could type their can code into our website and discover exactly where the fish was caught.

We created a rich web experience to bring the stories behind the fish to life.

Our TV and radio campaign had a strong call-to-action ‘Discover the Story Behind Every Can’


We achieved stunning results and future-proofed the John West brand…

  • Our econometrics model has demonstrated over £17m increased sales which can be attributed to the campaign activity
  • This equated to a revenue ROI of 9:1
  • John West saw its profit return to growth for the first time in 4 years and also took the no.1 market share position back from Princes
  • YouGov brand index ‘Campaign of the Month’, increasing the Positive buzz score by 12.9 points
  • 1 in 5 people who saw the ad discussed it with family or Friends (H&P tracking)
  • The perception that John West ‘cares about sustainability went up by 9% pts (H & P tracking)
  • Shortlisted 2012 Cannes Lion Film award and won three 2012 Roses awards: one Gold (commercials over 21 seconds) and two Silvers (TV/cinema campaign and advertising strategy)
  • Showcased in GFK Ropers’ ‘New Global Brand Manifesto’ as a great example of a brand understanding its customers


Magnet’s 2013 range – revealed

Our 2013 campaign for Magnet Kitchens launches today featuring Magnet’s Integra and Somerton kitchen ranges. The campaign runs until March 2013 and will highlight various offers for Magnet’s kitchens in successive phases.

Both commercials feature the song ‘Inside & Out’ on the soundtrack by teenage Australian singer/songwriter Lucinda Nicholls, discovered by CheethamBellJWT and flown to Abbey Road studios in London to record the song especially for the campaign.

Make room for the new Hillarys

After successfully coming through a competitive pitch, CheethamBelJWT were tasked with rebranding and repositioning Hillarys Blinds.

The creative concept focused on the creative potential of a window and how it can transform a room, which we encapsulated in the strapline ‘Make a window. Make a room’.

Our first task was to develop a new logo and brand identity, a set of guidelines to reflect the updated branding and a refresh of Hillarys communications collateral.

Since launching the new branding, our attention has been focused on developing new DRTV commercials, all aimed at providing Hillarys with maximum exposure during the lucrative Christmas shopping period.

Magnet find the Beauty Built In

Watch this behind the scenes video telling the story about the origin of the soundtrack to our Magnet 2013 commercial ‘Beauty Built In’, set to launch December 19th 2012.

The soundtrack features teenage Australian singer & songwriter Lucinda Nicholls, discovered by CheethamBellJWT from her single vocal demo on YouTube.

Lucinda and her family were flown in from Australia to record the track with a professional orchestra at the world famous Abbey Road studios in London. A clip from the track features on the Magnet 2013 commercial and the full session video can be seen on YouTube.

The track is now available to purchase on iTunes.